Online Event 19-22 Nov 2020

12th Dental Facial Cosmetic International Conference

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How to Improve the Prosthetic Rehabilitation from the Aesthetic and Tissue Health Point of View

The aim of this lecture is to explain how work with traditional tools for obtaining a correct preparation of the natural abutment and also to describe a new kind of piezoelectric tools (Tipholder DBbasic insert and the Mectron Crown prep tipsterminal insert) able to perform an elliptical-like movement thus enabling its functioning independently of the position of the tip with respect to the tooth, which  represents the main disadvantage during tooth preparation, and also to evaluate the smoothness of prosthetic teeth preparation using these new piezoelectric instruments. It's a technique for the preparation and finishing of subgingival margins well shaped and non-traumatic with the preservation of the soft tissues.

Thanks to the ultrasound vibrations and the tipholderflexibility different crown prep tips can be used, combine it with the shape of the Crown prep tipsthat allow an optimal control, ergonomics and a clear view on the preparation field.

The result is positive impressive especially for the high aesthetic in restoration and the short recovery time of the patient.

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