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12th Dental Facial Cosmetic International Conference

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Golden Ratio Applications in Achieving the Perfect Smile


Human facial beauty could be based on the Divine Proportion, also known as the Golden Ratio. The main component of our facial charm is our smile. If the smile is not in harmony with the face, it may be perceived by the brain as an imbalance or disharmony. The Golden proportions have been used by dentist since forever in order to achieve the perfect smile. Most of the time, a smile does not need to respect any golden or divine proportions in order to be attractive. Asymmetry or irregularity can sometimes build a beautiful and unique smile. As a matter of fact, the existence of the divine or golden ratio in dentistry is not that substantial. Dentists can elect any of these proportion as long as they are taking into account factors such as facial appearance. The prosthetics also need to be in strong bond with the patient’s personality.

The main goal of this article was to evaluate if the dental aesthetic proportions can be found and observed in the oral cavity and their relation with the facial dimensions.

Materials and Methodst

The study was conducted based on a sample of 50 people, aged between 16 and 30 years. The first experimental part of the study was to perform measurements in order to be able to compare the results with different proportions. The photos were used to check if in reality can be found the golden proportions on the human face. The second experimental part took place on a dental software platform called VisagiSmile .

Results and Discussions

From the mesurements made in the first experiment , were noticed correlations between the size parameters at both halves of the face for the same individual and also between values of the cephalic extremity .

From the second experiment that took part on the VisagiSmile software we were able to produce a STL file with a 3D aspect of the improved veneers.


The golden proportion is a good measure to start from and it is important to take it in consideration
The VisagiSmile software is an upgrade from our first experiment and it can also be taken in consideration.
Both experiments were used for proving the importance of the golden ratio in achieving the perfect smile.

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