Online Event 19-22 Nov 2020

12th Dental Facial Cosmetic International Conference

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GBR and GTR. The Magic Bullets for Implant and Perio?

Long term maintenance of periodontal compromised teeth and reconstruction of the lost periodontium and resorbed alveolar ridge are no longer impossible. Numerous studies have proven the efficacy of guided tissue and bone regeneration during the past decades. Nevertheless, today clinicians face a wide selection of materials and methods that can cause complicated choice rather advantage.

Different methods and materials in GTR and GBR based on the current evidence in the literature will be presented. Types of surgeries, patient preparation, different flap designs, material selection, resorbable, non-resorbable membranes, various suturing techniques, postop regime, timelines will then be discussed through a large selection of clinical cases. Handy tricks will also be disclosed and subjective decision tree will be presented as well.

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