Online Event | UAE Timezone (GST) 19-22 Nov 2020

12th Dental Facial Cosmetic International Conference

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Being Impressed: Predictable Paths of Aesthetic Restorations Using all Available Tools

The restoration of aesthetics has been at the center of clinical dentistry for several years now. Factors including changing social standards, direct communication with social media, and modifying aesthetic standards have led to a steady increase in the interest of dental patients in aesthetic rehabilitation.

Predictability is a major requirement for the restoration of esthetics. Through the concept of TIPs (Transfer Information Predictably), predictability becomes a must for any restorative procedure. Tooth preservation can be achieved through predictable preparation form, following certain rules and techniques. Accurate impressions are the outcome of tissue handling, materials selection and preferred technique.   So the path to desirable esthetics, effortless function and patient satisfaction is paved with TIPs.
In this presentation, following the restorative stories of various patients, covering most aspects of modern prosthodontics, like full and partial coverage restorations and tabletop restorations, digital workflows and augmented reality (AR) applications, predictable procedures will be discussed and described as an effort to create an easy targeted every day routine.  

Learning objectives

  • To be able to recognize different treatment modes for the restoration of esthetics and when to apply each one of them
  • To be able to use various communication methods and skills in order to recognize and satisfy the patient’s esthetic standards
  • To apply the Transfer Information Predictably (TIPs) concept in various stages of esthetic rehabilitation
  • To create and use all available tools (matrices, mock ups, etc) to achieve predictable tooth preservation
  • To clarify the use of digital and augmented reality workflows and their contribution to the creation of predictably esthetic restorations

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