11th Dental Facial Cosmetic International Conference

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Aesthetic Teeth Modification for Patient with Cleft Lip and Palate


One of the most common and anguish-filled birth defects is a cleft lip or palate. Clefts are not only disrupt the child’s facial appearance, chewing, and speech they can also lead to long term gingiva and teeth problems. Occlusion of existing dentition, midline, restricted jaw and present dental anomalies of number, shape, and structure are common findings needed to be considered when the comprehensive treatment plan has to be made. However, the early intervention of dental treatment of collaborated specialties such orthodontics, periodontics, and aesthetic dentistry had added more values to improve the final results. 

This case report of 24 years old female referred for the comprehensive aesthetic clinic after completion her orthodontic treatment. The major concern was the shape deformities of her anterior teeth although the roots were aligned perfectly. The smile line was disturbed and her left lateral tooth was missed leaving the soft tissue scar of the cleft in between the left canine and central. The case was handled utilising the digital smile concept and aesthetic prototype to achieve the final aesthetic restorations in a systematic manner. Subsequent aesthetic teeth modifications were done with minimal invasive procedures. At the end of this long process and the ultimate treatment, a young person who disfigured mouth transforms into a beautiful natural smile, had the chance to gain the normal life. 

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