11th Dental Facial Cosmetic International Conference

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3D Facial Reconstruction using 2D Images


By compiling three 2D pictures into one 3D picture, we were able to both reconstruct a human face and simulate the evolution of certain facial bones throughout time.

Materials and Methods

In order to get to the final result, we used 3 cameras that were positioned as it follows: one in front that provides a portrait-like picture and the other two on each side of the patient’s face in order to obtain patient’s profile. The 3 cameras had to be positioned at a certain distance. To do so we used a stand that prevent the cameras from changing their position. The images obtained using the 3 cameras were gathered by using an image processing software.

Results and Discussions

The usage of this technology allows us to simulate the evolution of the facial structures over the years.


This method is suitable to generate a 3D facial reconstruction by using only three 2D images.

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