Jumeirah Beach Hotel Dubai, UAE 05 Nov 2009

Aesthetic Dentistry MENA Awards 2009

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2009 marks the launch of the first MENA "Aesthetic Dentistry" Awards. This first unique competition is created to recognize the outstanding achievements of dental professionals and to focus the public attention to the quality and level of dentistry in the region for the well - being of the patients. The Awards are organized by Dental Society - UAE and the Centre for Advanced Professional Practices. The Grand Ceremony will be held for the first time in the MENA region with the invaluable hospitality of UAE, Dubai.


To create a platform that serves as a benchmark for dental care and industry players by recognizing exemplary performance in the Middle East region's dentistry.
The award will show the ultimate in health and beauty, the latest in science and the art of dentistry - the beauty from the red carpet to the stage of knowledge and science. Not only to give the patients a great looking teeth and smile, but also to make them feel better.


To create value by encouraging, recognizing and rewarding achievers, performers and contributors within the Dental Care.
This unique Awards are created to recognize the excellence in dental practices in the MENA region and allow the dental professionals to prove not only to their patients, but also to their competitors.


  • To create a standard for the quality in dentistry for the well-being of the patients
  • Encourage professionals for excellence in dental practices
  • Create a balance between the professional, personal and moral performance in dental care - where the future of aesthetic dentistry may lie
  • To share ideas and innovations on the hottest topics in the field
  • To contribute to the progress and development of aesthetic dentistry worldwide
  • Promote the development of dental medicine in the region
  • To focus the public attention to the quality and standards in dentistry in the region