10th Dental Facial Cosmetic International Conference

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Magic of Molar Intrusion, 10 Years Follow up of Molar Intrusion Case

One of challenging malocclusion presented to orthodontic clinics is a skeletal open bite. The treatment option usually includes Orthognathic surgery as the best treatment option; and in the same time it is the most invasive treatment that some patients are hesitant to go through. With the advancement of orthodontic technology and materials, mini screws offer an alternative treatment plan.

Using mini-screws is one of the attractive, less invasive and efficient meansfor anchorage. Regardless the successful treatment, relapse is a nightmare.
An adult case came to our orthodontic clinic complaining of anterior open biteand inability to bite. Patient had been seen by different Orthodontist and orthognathic surgery was proposed. Patient refused the idea of surgery andpreferred to have another treatment modality. Molar intrusion was proposed and possibility of relapse was explained to the patient.

2 mini-screws where inserted buccally between #16, 15 and 26, 25. A quad-helixwas bent and occlusal coverage with acrylic was made as posterior bite plates,hooks are added in the buccal flanges to help in attaching elastics tomini-screws.

Luckily the patient was very cooperative and keen to have good results. Are relatively good intrusion occurred with marked reduction in ANB angle.
Patient was highly satisfied. Orthodontic fixed appliances were placed and treatment continued with mini-screws left in place for further use if needed.

Patient had good results in terms of occlusion, function and facial esthetics. With the 5-year and 10 year follow-up, mild relapse occurred and minimal bite opening.

Mini-screws molar intrusion is a great invention with promising future.

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