10th Dental Facial Cosmetic International Conference

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Implant placement into extraction sockets: Esthetic challenges


When placing implants into extraction sockets, care should be taken in the esthetic zone before planning the treatment sequences. A thorough examination must be performed to both soft and hard tissue with special emphasis on potential changes that could take place following tooth extraction. These changes such as bone resorbtion and/or soft tissue retraction can jeopardize the esthetic outcome of the future prosthesis and represent a challenge for the practitionner.

During this presentation guidelines that should be followed in order to predict a successful final esthetic outcome will be described with special emphasis on new implant surgery techniques such as ultrasonic implant site preparation and atraumatic extractions.

These techniques, such as atraumatic extractions, flapless ultrasonic implant site preparation, immediate temporisation and site built-up by means of soft and hard tissue grafting procedures will be described along with long-term clinical results.

Learning objectives

  • Analyze esthetic risk factors related to implant placement into extraction sockets.
  • Choose immediate or delayed implant placement protocols after tooth extraction.
  • Comprehend the atraumatic extraction technique to preserve alveolar bone.
  • Comprehend the importance of ultrasonic implant site preparation in order to control ideal implant placement.
  • Understand different soft and hard tissue reconstruction techniques related to esthetic implant placement.
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