10th Dental Facial Cosmetic International Conference

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Guided Bone Regeneration in Simple and Complex Ridge Augmentation

After almost thirty years from the first experimental and clinical research using barrier membranes, the concept of guided bone regeneration is generating a high level of scientific and clinical interest among dentists and oral surgeons all over the world. The presentation focus at the beginning on the basic science of GBR to better understand the biologic and biomaterial background of this technique. Furthermore, there are presented specific indications for patient selection, different indications for each type of bone defect from simple to complex cases, step-by-step surgical procedures and the concept of ridge augmentation in single and staged approach. Multiple methods have been described in the literature for alveolar ridge augmentation, according to the morphology of the defect and the type of prosthetic reconstruction. A scientific and clinical evidence-based wide range of augmentation procedures according to the type of defect, the reconstruction material, and the treatment concept will be presented.

All kind of defects will be approached, from dehiscence defects and fenestrations, a thin ridge with horizontal bone deficiency, vertical ridge deficiencies to combined horizontal and vertical alveolar ridge defects. The reconstruction methods vary from GBR techniques with autologous bone and biomaterials, resorbable membranes or titanium nonresorbable membranes to different bone block techniques – onlay, shell, horizontal or vertical augmentation with an intraoral or extraoral source of bone, combined vertical and horizontal techniques with autologous bone blocks and GBR.

Learning objectives: the participants will be able to recognize the various types of alveolar ridge deficiencies and to decide on the appropriate surgical management of these clinical situations according to the clinical based classification of the alveolar ridge defects and the scientific evidence regarding different techniques for correction of the bone defects. The participants will receive: a) knowledge of a wide range of methods of augmentation according to the type of edentulism, type of defect and surgical variables; b) critical analysis of the outcomes of the presented methods; c) clinical protocol with the indication of reconstruction in single tooth gap and extended edentulous spaces.

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