10th Dental Facial Cosmetic International Conference

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Full mouth rehabilitation. Case presentation


The all-ceramic crowns, when they are properly planned and fabricated, have proven to have satisfactory esthetic results superior to other restorative materials with long-term duration, so as the PFM bridges. This case was done in order to improve the esthetics of the patient anterior teeth and to restore missing teeth in the posterior side of the patient’s mouth using laminate veneer porcelain and fixed prosthodontics appliance respectively. A 23-year-old male patient was treated in the dental clinic for complaining about the appearance of his anterior teeth and difficulty in mastication in the lower right posterior area. Periodontal procedures were done to treat the upper anterior surfaces buccally, to bring out the esthetic appearance in the anterior region in a satisfactory manner. Periodontal procedures were performed in other areas wherever required to bring out the necessary recommendations. Before the fabrication of new restorations, a mock-up was conducted to verify the patient's satisfaction. A ceramist conducted all the fabrication process so that surface characterization could be visually verified and the appearance of the natural tooth could be reproduced. After the cementation procedure, the patient reported being satisfied with the appearance of the new restorations. Based on the clinical findings of the present case report, it can be concluded that the Periodontal procedures have improved the esthetic appearance of the patient, and reproduction of the esthetic appearance of natural teeth and the visualization of the final results before definitive procedures are essential to obtain the clinical success.

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