10th Dental Facial Cosmetic International Conference

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Final Impression of Peri-Implant Soft Tissues using Interim Restorative Material

Background and objectives

A successful implant restoration is one that will allow adequate function and esthetics. Soft-tissue management around implant-supported restorations continues to present a considerable challenge for the restoring dentist as well as the laboratory technician while fabricating the final prosthesis. Methods Soft tissue contouring is achieved with the aid of a provisional bridges, which is weekly adjusted and contoured chairside to the desired emergence profile. A period of 2 months is allotted to allow the peri-implant soft tissue to remodel around the provisional restoration with an ideal emergence profile. At this time, an emergence profile impression is made. The technique involves use of an interim restorative material, Bisacrylic Composite (Protemp™ Plus Temporization Material, 3M ESPE) and polyvinylsiloxane impression material (Aquasil Ultra Impression Material, Dentsply/Caulk) for the final impression. 


This technique allows accurate duplication of the soft tissues around dental implants and fabrication of a final restoration with the correct emergence profile. It is effective and efficient while helping to improve the final outcome in esthetically demanding areas such as the anterior zone. 


The technique described provides a provisional restoration to shape the soft tissue and captures the soft tissue contours in rest position. describes a simplified technique that can help dentists as well as technicians achieve superior esthetic and functional results with implant-supported bridge restorations. This technique offers a very predictable and economical approach to address the challenge of creating a gingival emergence profile, particularly in the esthetic zone.

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