10th Dental Facial Cosmetic International Conference

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The Face and Tooth Integration in Modern Dentistry. New Insights.

Since the early beginning of modern dentistry, we have been using vertical and horizontal lines in order to know where we should put the occlusal plane and the teeth, in surgeries, orthodontics, and in oral rehabilitation.We should never forget that the goal is to obtain harmony and not symmetry because faces are asymmetric entities, this is the reason why they cannot be analyzed using purely straight lines. In addition, there are many theories that try to correlate the face and the tooth form, with differences between face form, gender, and age. These theories have proven to be useful for years, but new knowledge has arisen. On the other hand, restorative materials have experienced a dramatic development in recent years, which have made difficult for clinicians to stay updated. The lecture will present newly developed disruptive theories that have been recently published based on the proper use of modern materials applied in several clinical cases.

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