10th Dental Facial Cosmetic International Conference

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Aesthetic Comprehensive Treatment on a Young Adult Consuming Caffeinated Carbonated Beverages


A dynamic relationship exists between sugars and oral health. The high consumption of sugars would increase the risk of dental caries. Recently, Soda and power drinks are common factors that would increase sugar intake among adolescents. Many soda drinks contain caffeine, it demonstrates metabolic activation on the cerebral dopaminergic system and fulfils some criteria of drug dependence. Accordingly, it may attribute to the tendency for frequent ingestion of such beverages.

Clinical Report

A 21-year-old Saudi female came to the dental clinic asking to fix her anterior teeth for a better smile. Past & present dental history, diet analysis, and caries risk tests (CRT, saliva flow rate & buffering capacity) were evaluated. Upon examination, she reveals multiple recurrent caries related to maxillary anterior teeth. Most of the posterior teeth were having active caries or defective restorations. The patient was categorized as high risk for developing caries.

A comprehensive treatment plan was formulated to improve oral hygiene, and dietary habits, in order to decrease caries risk. Caries control, extractions, root canal treatments, implants, multiple resonations, bleaching & porcelain veneers were implemented.

Treatment Objectives

Give the patient a pleasant smile by:

  • Motivation, implementing good oral hygiene, & changing bad dietary habits.
  • Controlling caries progression.
  • Restoring all defective restorations and replacing missing teeth

Treatment Outcome

The patient was extremely satisfied with her smile. Recognition of the relation between bad diet habit and caries. The long-term success of the treatment depends on her cooperation & regular follow-ups.


Caffeinated carbonated soft drinks with poor oral hygiene have a dangerous impact on oral health status. With proper patient motivation and comprehensive treatment planning, successful outcomes are achievable.

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