10th Dental Facial Cosmetic International Conference

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Advanced Piezosurgery Techniques: A Clinical and Scientific Rationale


Piezoelectric bone surgery is currently considered the technique of choice in oral implantology.  Because of their accurate micrometric and selective action, piezoelectric inserts perform precise bone cutting and prevent soft tissue injuries while preserving anatomic structure integrity. Piezosurgery produces minimal trauma during surgery thus promoting favorable bone healing response.

New piezosurgical techniques, while performing lateral and crestal sinus floor elevations, bone grafting, atraumatic teeth extraction and implant placement, were recently introduced. These surgical advances played a major in reducing risks and complications related to bone surgery procedures while preserving maximum clinical efficiency. During this presentation, the state of the art surgical applications of piezosurgery will be presented along with new clinical and scientific research related to these procedures.

Learning objectives

  • Overview the advantages of piezosurgery in bone surgery
  • Understand the new advances in sinus floor elevations techniques
  • Comprehend the effect of piezosurgery on ultrasonic implant site preparation
  • Present the scientific evidence for ultrasonic surgery applications
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