9th Dental Facial Cosmetic International Conference

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No Limits! - The World of Direct Restorations

Successful dentistry focuses on caries prevention.

If preventive measures fail, caries lesions may develop. A successful way of restoring such lesions in a minimally invasive manner is direct restorations.

Modern restorative dentistry would be unthinkable without established and innovative techniques. The adhesive technique is the method of choice for the restoration of both smaller and larger defects. It provides a wide array of application options and allows a maximum amount of healthy tooth structure to be preserved. At the same time, it helps to stabilize the remaining tooth structure.

In this course, the individual application steps will be discussed in detail. They are the basis for successfully using and integrating the shown restorative techniques into the daily practice routine.


  1. The principles of minimally invasive dentistry
  2. Fundamentals of the adhesive technique
  3. Composition of state-of-the-art composite resins
  4. Rubber dam technique
  5. Instruments and auxiliaries
  6. Material selection
  7. Single-tooth restoration in the posterior region
  8. Quadrant restoration with composite resin
  9. Rehabilitation of anterior trauma with direct restorative procedures
  10. Set-up and wax-up in the restoration of complex anterior defects
  11. Easy-to-achieve, impeccable contours (silicone key)
  12. Reconstruction of abraded teeth by means of direct resin restorations using the stamping technique

The lecture is focused on the clinical aspects of everyday dentistry.

It covers a lot of clinical cases from the initial clinical situation to the final outcome, including treatment planning, and discussion of alternative treatment options.

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