Jumeirah Beach Hotel Convention Centre | Dubai | UAE 06-07 Nov 2009

1st Dental Facial Cosmetic International Conference

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Founding the only annual CAD/CAM & Computerized Dentistry Int'l Conference four years back and developing it to ever-growing and leading event in dentistry has given us opportunities to communicate with thousands of dental professionals. The need to bridge the knowledge in dental and facial aesthetic, to incorporate the comprehensive dental options with facial cosmetic treatments come as a logical process. There is growing interest in facial aesthetic and cosmetic medicine and dentistry by the public and respectively by healthcare professionals to enhance their skills and knowledge in that field.

The forthcoming 1st Dental - Facial Cosmetics Int'l Conference in Dubai, 06-07 November 2009 is the echo of growing development in dental and facial cosmetic medicine. We are at the cutting edge of industry advances. The changes are very fast and the questions about the latest and greatest technology and materials come daily in our practices.

This state-of-the-art conference which focuses on interdisciplinary topics will give new insights and new perceptive. The conference will discuss all treatment options and techniques available to reach an optimal aesthetic goal, health and safety of our patients for clinical excellence.

Best experts and specialists in the fields of dental and facial esthetics will bring the latest knowledge to the audience and moreover will make it accessible and understandable to the public. The goal of the conference is to contribute to the progress and development of worldwide aesthetics and enhance the communication between cosmetic dentistry, cosmetic medicine, and patients.

Our target audiences are all dental professionals involved in cosmetic dentistry (General Practitioners, Prosthodontists, Implantologists, Periodontologists, Orthodontists, Surgeons, Dental Technicians) and all medical professionals involved in facial aesthetics and cosmetics. The public is welcome to the conference.


Members of the Organizing Committee:

  1. Dr. Aisha Sultan - President of the conference
  2. Dr. Dobrina Mollova
  3. Dr. Omar Adeeb
  4. Dr. Ramesh Bulbule
  5. Dr. Mouen Junblat
  6. Dr. Jameela AlAwadi
  7. Dr. Maimona A. Rahim
  8. Dr. Mohammad Kenan - Iraq
  9. Dr. Lojian Jibawi - Syria
  10. Dr. Ali Emamgolipour - Iran
  11. Dr. Issa Bader - Jordan
  12. Syed Hashim Hasan - Pakistan

Members of the scientific committee:

  1. Dr. Munir Silwadi - Chairman
  2. Prof. Yousef Talik - KSA
  3. Dr. Ninette Banday - UAE
  4. Dr. Nadim Abuajoude - Lebanon
  5. Dr. Adel Al Hadlaq - KSA
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