2nd Iraqi Dental Reunion IDA Annual Conference 2012

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Ladies and Gentlemen,

My fellow Dentists inside and outside Iraq,
I especially appreciate your participation in building civilization land (Iraq) which was and still loves the knowledge and cooperation with all the Sincere countries around the world.

We did meet one year ago in the first conference (harmony conference) at the blessed land of Kurdistan, fortunately, today we are meeting again for renew the love word among the Iraqis themselves and the guests around the world… I’d like you to be content that Iraq is always hospitable for the science and humanity advocates… Iraq has fertile land and will yield which you were planted, we are confident that the names of all the participants of rebuilding the civilization in Iraq, will stay at the history mind forever… and Iraqi people will never forget his friends in humanity who did break knowledge blockade which was imposed for decades.

Welcome to Iraq… welcome world’s scientists… welcome to your second home (Kurdistan of Iraq).

Dr. Rafea M. Aljoboury
President of Iraqi Dental Association


Dear Dentist, our Colleagues,

From Erbil, the capital of Kurdistan region of Federal Iraq, the source of the obvious and visible development and the real steps for the progress and prosperity of peaceful coexistence and the center of the urbanization.

This is an important platform through which we hope to bring together senior & junior investigators, renowned experts and leading researchers in the Dental Industry. We do very much hope that you will be able to accept this invitation to participate in Second IDR.

On behalf of a highly committing team, we promise you & your guests a unique educational & multicultural experience in the beautiful friendly & cosmopolitan environment of Erbil.

Kind regards,
Dr. Dara Hamarasheed
President of Kurdistan Dental Association

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