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Dental Technician International Meeting 2017 Logo

Dental Technician International Meeting: 05 May 2017
Intercontinental Hotel Dubai Festival City,
Dubai, UAE

Accreditation: 7 CE Credits | HAAD 8.75 CME | DHA 7 CME
WORLD-CLASS SPEAKERS, Round Table Clinic Trainings, Free Access to the 12th CAD/CAM & Digital Dentistry


Mr. Vanik Kaufmann-Jinoian, CDT, Switzerland
Mr. Vanik Kaufmann-Jinoian, CDT, Switzerland
  • Show CV
    Vanik Kaufmann-Jinoian (Calcutta, India, 1958) grew up in Switzerland, in a city close to Basel, where he went to school and received his training in order to become a certified dental technician. In the years after, he optimized his dental skills in various dental laboratories in Switzerland. During this training period, he spent one year in the United States to master the skills of marketing. Upon his return to Switzerland, he started working for the Vita Company. At that time, he was the youngest ceramic demonstrator in the world - teaching ceramic courses all around the world.

    Currently, he owns a state-of-the-art dental laboratory close to Basel, which he founded in 1990. This lab covers all aspects of modern dentistry. Various dental companies use his lab for testing new dental materials, mostly because of Vanik’s knack for research and development of new techniques. Amongst others, he is named as one of the initiators of the various CAD-CAM systems for dental labs.

    Besides the activities in his own laboratory, Vanik has taught at the master technicians school in Switzerland and at the University of Greifswald in Germany. Over the last few years, he has been teaching dentists how to achieve high quality restorations using chair-side units. He has published a book on this topic and wrote many articles for various dental magazines around the world. He is a well-known speaker at major symposiums.

    Vanik is the R&D manager of Twinsmile AG. In this role, he hosts lectures and workshops with Tom Huigen.
  • Morning Lecture: The next breakthrough in the dental field "3-D Printing"


    - understand 3-D printing
    - by the right technology
    - be ready for the future
    - make your lab grow with new techniques
    - be profitable

    The Presentation:

    This presentation will make you understand this new technology that is going to change the daily work in dental laboratories. In my dental laboratory we have been using 3-D printing technology for about two years. It has been very difficult task starting to learn the technology and mastering this technology. 3-D printing is not difficult but in the dental field you have many important parameters which you have to understand, to make this technology successful. One of these issues is to acquire the right technology. Another issue is to use the right software, the right printing liquids and how to be profitable. In this presentation you will see first-hand all the issues you have to overcome to be prepared using this technology right and for what kind of techniques. Many companies that sell 3-D printers show in their ads many promising functions and all what these type of printers can do. But you don't get the real story and end up investing in a system that is maybe not suitable for your business.
  • Round Afternoon Table Clinic Presentation: Achieving high aesthetic's fast and reproducible
Hands-On Course: Higher Revenue & Better Aesthetics
Yamen Chaban, Germany
Yamen Chaban, TSS,CDT, Germany
  • Show CV
    Born in the Syrian city of Aleppo in 1981

    Dental technician apprenticeship at the Dental Tehcnician school Frankfurt Dental Faculty.

    First assignment as a ceramist at Qualident Dental Laboratory in the United Arab Emirates. Main focus on aesthetic anterior restoration, based on PFM and full ceramics. Appointed as the head of the ceramic department at Qualident.

    Moved to Germany in 2004, joining Dental Future Dental Laboratory (there slogen “ Hollywood Smile “) , nearby Frankfurt, taking over the responsibility for fixed and removeable high-end restorations. After successful completion of the education at the Master Dental Technician School in Frankfurt appointment as lab supervisor at Dental Future Laboratory. During the time at Dental Future, numerous Cercon and ceramic hands-on workshops for DeguDent customers, from various countries, were performed, as an external consultant.

    Y.Chaban accepted a new challenge, in 2010, as a technical advisor, national and international, at DeguDent head office in Germany -Hanau.
    Since joining DeguDent, many lectures and workshops, mainly about the Cercon system and DeguDent ceramics, were offered in Germany and abroad.
    Y.Chaban is also supporting the Product Management in special projects, e.g. testing ceramics and creating images for new product catalogues.
    Y.Chaban accepted also a new challenge in 2016, as a Clinical Education Specialist, taking care of all Train the trainer Education and workshops, national and international, at DeguDent head office in Germany -Hanau
  • Morning Lecture: The Lithium Cillilicate makes the difference
    - Indications for Restorations made of reinforced lithium silicate
    - Comparison of composition between press able and mill able lithium silicate
    - The best options of veneering ceramics compatible with lithium silicate
    - Lithium silicate offers all options to produce monolithic or partial and fully veneered restorations.
    - By applying a new generation of investment materials and processing procedures.
    - The right instruments for the finishing and polishing of lithium silicate restorations.
    - Adhesive system for gluing lithium silicate restorations in the patient mouth.
    - Composition of ZLS (Zirconia reinforced lithium silicate).
    - Mechanical properties of zirconia-reinforced lithium silicate.
    - The difference of effects like (Natural Opalescent, Fluorescent, translucency, and transparency.
    - Microstructure of ZLS pellets.
    - Preparation guidelines for restorations (Veneers, inlays, only, anterior and posterior crowns).
    - The conventional wax up or the digital (Approach to produce a precise wax patterns).
    - Step by step procedure: waxing- spreuing- investing- burnout preheating- pressing- divesting- sandblasting- separating- and finishing of zirconia reinforced lithium silicates.
    - Firing recommendations for zirconia reinforced lithium silicates.
    - Chair-side procedure- Etching and salinization.
    - Clinical Cases
  • Afternoon Round Table Clinic Presentation: High Translucency in the Zirconia
    • Color accuracy for all 16 Vita Shades.
    • The pre-shaded disks should enable even less experienced technicians to achieve maximum results.
    • The satisfaction of high esthetic solutions for fully-contoured restorations.
    • The high flexibility to choose several techniques.
    • The 6 of 16 shade strategy.
 Mr. Bob Elst, Belgium
Mr. Bob Elst, Belgium
  • Show CV
  • Morning Lecture: The collaboration of esthetics and LISI
    During the presentation I want to explain all the possibilities with lisi and lisi press. The difference in physical properties and the influence in the esthetics.

    Showing the different steps for working with lisipress and lisi ceramics. Explaining the light-dynamics and there influence in the different mixtures of the ceramic. Showing my way of working with the esthetics and the reason why I use my mixtures and my favorite working-protocol. I want to show my real working protocol and not only for the “ high-end” work. Explaining about handpolishing and the reason why.

    After lisi I want to talk about Gradia plus and especially talk about the benefits of this material for implantwork. I will show also here the workingprotocol. The fast one body crown is also to important so it’s also needs some time to talk about this. Glazing lisi and gradia plus with lustre paint and lustre paste will be the last topic.


  • Afternoon Round Table Clinic Presentation: The collaboration of esthetics and LISI
    At the table-clinic I will show by different models the different steps using lisi and gradia-plus.
    I will have a demo of an onebody crown and glazing with lustre-paint.
    I also have a demo of glazing a lisi one body press by using lustre-paste
    I’ll have show-models for my favorite mixtures and will tell how to make an own color-key on a very fast and simple way. I’ll have a small presentation on my computer with again my build-up and have time to discuss the different steps and way I do it like that. I really think it’s also important to talk about a simple but esthetic build – up.at the table clinic there has to be enough time to discuss the difference of a high end build up and an economic buil-up but with nice esthetics.


Mr. Aiham Farah, Syria
Mr. Aiham Farah, Syria
  • Show CV
    Aiham is a Certified Dental Technician by the national board for certification in USA 2007, with a specialty of (Dental Ceramic Material), currently he is a Consultant & Trainer for IvoclarVivadent company, in the region of near east & orient since 2009 with a more than 25 training session a year. Aiham is also a speaker in dental local and international conferences, and demonstrator in courses and workshops for dental teams in MENA region. He writes and publishes articles in dental magazines like (Reflect, Dental Tribune, Dental Labor, Arab Dental News), and presents in seminars for dental education programs and universities. He is a member of the American Academy of Aesthetic Dentistry AACD, and has been awarded (best esthetic case) MENA 2013, and (best contribution in Digital Dentistry Excellence Award) MENA 2015. Additionally, he was a lecturer in Al-Kalmoon University, Dental Technology Division in Syria in 2010, next to running his esthetic line private laboratory. Aiham is an Associate University Degree holder in Dental Laboratory Technology from Albalqa University in Jordan 2002, and American Evaluation of Academic Credentials by Queens College, University of New York, USA in 2006.
  • Morning Lecture: Controlling critical situations by better knowing your material
    Most all-ceramic material are translucent, allowing technicians to craft more lifelike restorations, however, because of this translucency, the stump shade can affect the final shade of the restoration, the stump shade therefor must be carefully evaluated when selecting the ceramic material during treatment planning. Though understanding of all-ceramic material and choosing the right material for each individual case are the keys to reaching the best possible esthetic results, even though switching to metal-ceramic in some cases’ scenarios could be the only guaranteed restorative solution. This lecture presents several cases that was used to achieve a challenging situation.

    1- Utilizing digital and analog to efficient restorative outcome
    2- Manipulating material for controlling critical situations
    3- Technical handling of some new material generations
    4- Shape and contour input on the esthetic results
    5- How to enhance the Brightness, the most important property of dental material.
  • Afternoon Round Table Clinic Presentation: Creating Symmetry / Live Case
    A combination of external influences and the optical properties of internal tooth structure determine the color of natural teeth, color characteristics such as brightness, chroma, shade, and opalescence result from the interaction of light with enamel and dentin layers and are perceived by the eye based on how external elements affect them.
    This table clinic presentation will show you how to read a natural tooth map, and interpret this map into ceramic material and layering diagram, and use this selected material to craft a symmetrical central that mimics the natural central.

    • The roll of the state of the art IPS e.max Selection in creating Symmetry.
    • Know how, when AND where to use the ceramic effects and modifiers of IPS e.max Ceram
    • How to increase your restoration’s brightness by using the new IPS e.max Power
    • How important the shape of your crowns and veneers than any other aspect.
    • Latest update in dental material development.
Dan Stelkinsson, DT, Sweden
Dan Stenkilsson, DT, Sweden
  • Show CV
    Born in Malmö, Sweden in 1974

    CDT Dan Stenkilsson studied in Malmö, Sweden and Graduated from Malmö Tandläkarhögskola in 1995.

    As a Certified Dental technician he started his career in Norway as all round technician but later specialist in ceramics. In 1998 he was implementing the first Cad/Cam system in Scandinavia.

    Today Dan is working as head ceramist and Quality manager at Middle East Dental Laboratory in Dubai.

    As a ceramist Dan has specialised in complex cases and having close contact with dentist as well as patients. Dan takes a lot of pride in customizing the smile for each and every patient. Combining the advantages of CAD/CAM technologies and human touch have been the key to success in creating high aesthetic dental restorations for his patients.

    With experience from labs in Norway, Denmark and UAE Dan has been lecturing for dentists and technicians in Scandinavia as well as the UAE. Dan is also a sustaining member in AACD.
  • Morning Lecture: Optimizing communication: Satisfying both patient and dentist
    Difficulties in communication often lead to unsuccessful dental rehabilitation and unsatisfied patients. In order to produce a proper restoration besides from having artistic skillset, dental technician along with dentist require a proper communication with the patient.

    Challenges in finding the proper shape, color, translucency, for each patient and helping them regain the confidence and simply putting the smile back on their faces, is a thing that make these two professions very beautiful to work in and in the same time very stressful if not communicated properly. The key message would be to understand and deliver the expectations to the patient and the doctor in the same time and that can be possible only by placing the patient in the center of communication. Carefully listening to his or her needs and in many occasions shifting away from technical language is a necessary.

    Providing navigators, guides in dental offices assisting patient by helping them find proper shapes, color adequacy and in the same time understanding dentist recommendations as well as asking questions are necessities that will be discussed in this lecture.

    • Introduction to communication
    • Wax up or smile design
    • Challenges in smile consultation
    • Communication on a distance
    • Choosing the right smile
  • Afternoon Round Table Clinic Presentation: Smile consultation and shading
    Join Dan and trigger some interesting discussions on how to solve some difficult situations and challenges in smile consultation. Shape, texture, color, unique smile features and much more that lead to patient satisfaction with their new smile. Learn about tools that can deliver the proper alignment and make your daily work easier in the lab. Discuss the importance of photography and its power in communicating with both the patient and the dentist and look for key features that need to be observed while making a proper shape and shade for the restoration.

    • Challenges in Smile consultation
    • Horizontal Bite-stick
    • Shading
    • Choosing the right smile
    • Photography

    Table presentations discussions:
    • Challenges in Smile consultation
    • Horizontal bite-stick
    • Shading
    • Choosing the right smile
    • Photography
Conference Accreditation
14 CE Credits | HAAD 17 CME | Est 12 DHA
Centre for Advanced Professional Practices (CAPP) is an ADA CERP Recognized Provider.

ADA CERP is a service of the American Dental Association to assist dental professionals in identifying quality providers of continuing dental education. ADA CERP does not approve or endorse individual courses or instructors, nor does it imply acceptance of credit hours by boards of dentistry.

CAPP Designates
this activity for
14 CE Credits

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