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Terms of payment
These Online Payment Terms apply to the use of the online payment transaction services (the Services) for the payment of certain types of transactions as made available by Centre for Advanced Professional Practices DMCC Dubai, UAE from time to time through the CAPP website.

These Online Payment Terms constitute a contract between you and CAPP. Please read them carefully. You may either accept or decline the Terms as indicated at the bottom of this page, but to make payment using the Services you must accept the Terms by clicking "I Accept".

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Payment of registration fees
The registration fees can be paid in Dirhams (AED) or US dollars.
Payment may be made using only Visa or MasterCard Credit cards or Debit card.
Once a payment has been made it cannot be cancelled.

Refund/Cancellation policy
A Refund of the registration fee will be made as follows:
- Notification in writing 40 days prior the event -50% refund.
20 days prior to the event - no refund can be given.

Only one(1) discount may be applied to an individual registration. Under no circumstances can any of the discounts be combined. Your registration must be paid in full in order to receive the pricing for those discounts.

Privacy Policy
All personal data provided to the Organizer for registration will be treated as confidential. The data shall be used and stored for further processing and documentation purposes. The information will not be re-used for an incompatible purpose.

Digital Denture

Fast, monolithic, predictable

Digital Denture: esthetic complete dentures milled from two discs

Users can now avail themselves of a quick and reliable digital method to create monolithic dentures that are both esthetic and of high quality. Two material discs are at the heart of the process.

Digital Denture is a manufacturing process for the rapid digital production of removable dentures. The process integrates the treatment steps in the dental practice with the digital manufacturing processes in the lab. Exclusive design software and coordinated materials, combined with well-designed manufacturing strategies and the cutting-edge PrograMill milling equipment platform, provide predictable and consistent results.

Successful results with two discs
SR Vivodent CAD is a material for the digital production of teeth and tooth segments. Individual teeth and dental arches can be milled from these DCL discs. The material features a translucent shading and natural fluorescence. Highly esthetic results can be achieved due to the low opacity, combined with an anatomical shape and natural surface design. This discs are available in many different shades. IvoBase CAD is a denture base material. This PMMA material is known to offer high fracture resistance, durability and a homogeneous quality free of porosities or air bubbles. The denture base is milled from the disc in a single step using digital equipment. IvoBase CAD discs are available in four basic shades. The shade concept is matched to the denture base materials of Ivoclar Vivadent and covers the most popular shades.

Saving valuable time
Digital Denture helps users save time compared with conventional denture fabrication methods. They benefit from shorter manufacturing times, fewer manual working steps and fewer interruptions in the workflow than with conventional procedures. In addition, the need for creating and articulating stone casts is eliminated. Model analysis and tooth setup can be completed in considerably less time than with conventional methods. Digital Denture covers the following indications: complete dentures (upper and lower jaw), single-arch complete dentures (upper or lower jaw), duplicate complete dentures and immediate complete dentures.

Simple, innovative workflow
The denture base and the dental arch are milled using digital technology. An innovative procedure is used for this purpose: In a first step an oversize dental arch is milled. Only the basal surfaces show a precise fit from the very start. Once the dental arch has been bonded to the denture base quickly and easily, the denture is milled to its final dimensions using precision milling. Excess bonding material is removed in the process. A patent application has been filed for this procedure.

Predictable and efficient
All manufacturing steps are coordinated with each other. The user is guided through the entire process. Since the process is validated, sources of error can be virtually ruled out. This leads to increased process reliability, stable, predictable and controllable results and standardized quality. Satisfied users and patients are the likely outcome. The dentures are extremely fracture resistant and easy to clean as they are free of interdental gaps.

Basic or premium version?
In addition to the basic version, an upgrade to the premium version Digital Denture Professional is offered. This option allows users to create dentures with especially high quality attributes, for instance by using prefabricated artificial teeth.

SR Vivodent® and IvoBase® are registered trademarks of Ivoclar Vivadent AG.