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Conference: May 05-06, 2017
Hands-On Courses: May 01-08, 2017
56 CE Credits attainable during 8 days

Conference Accreditation: 14 CE Credits | HAAD 17 CME | DHA 14 CME               8 DAYS! Dubai Dental Conference/Exhibition & Continuing Dental Education (01 May - 08 May 2017)

Dental Bleaching

06 May 2017, 10:00 - 18:00
InterContinental Hotel Festival City, Dubai, UAE
Target Audience: Dentists
6 CE Credits | HAAD 6.5 CME | DHA 4.5 CME
Dr. Roberto Turrini, Italy
Dr. Roberto Turrini, Italy
Roberto Turrini graduated in Dentistry at the University of Florence in 2004. Since 2005 he has been working as a collaborator in Dr. Mauro Fradeani’s office in Pesaro.
He has attended several courses both nationally and internationally, such as the annual Dr.Fradeani’s course of fixed prosthodontics as well as several courses about prosthodontic, implantology and esthetic dentistry.
He works in Pesaro in several offices dealing restorative, endodontics and prosthodontics with particular interest in esthetic dentistry.
Author of several scientific articles published in Italian and international magazines, he is co-author with Dr. Enrico Cogo and Dr. Pietro Sibilla of a text about dental bleaching, published by Quintessence International in 2011 (“Dental bleaching: methods for success”), translated in German and Spanish and actually in translation into other languages.
He is also a national and international speaker and he lectures on prosthodontics and esthetic dentistry.
Course Abstract

Nowadays the clinician is faced with the difficult challenge of covering discoloration sometimes quite severe.
Currently we can use extremely predictable techniques of dental bleaching, allowing sometimes to avoid the covering discolored elements, achieving excellent results in terms of aesthetics and durability. The choice of extremely versatile products, together with the use of appropriate techniques, facilitates the clinician in cases of discoloration of medium severity.
In contrast, in more complex situations, which require changes in shape, color and position, it is possible to use high-performance ceramic materials, in order to perform high aesthetic rehabilitations, however using minimally invasive procedures.

Theoretical Session

Brief history of dental bleaching.
The importance of a white smile for patients.
Marketing tips&tricks.
Dental bleaching first examination.
The color of teeth: what and how.
Reorganization of common shade guides.
Function and use of spectrophotometer.
Dental photography.
Chemistry of dental bleaching.
Dental bleaching materials.
New laws about the use of all dental bleaching products.
Roles and competence of dental hygienists.
OTC products.
Home or in-office? What is the correct treatment?
Home bleaching: tradition vs innovation.
New customized Mo.Bi. technique for home bleaching trays: laboratory and clinical phases.
Vital in-office bleaching technique.
Power bleaching with lamps and laser: myth or reality?
Non-vital in-office bleaching techniques.
Adjuvant treatments: microabrasion.
New techniques and material for microabrasion in comparison to tradition.
Macroscopic and hystological effects of dental bleaching on hard dental tissues.
Relationship between bleaching and adhesion.
Relationship between bleaching and restorative direct techniques.
Relationship between bleaching and indirect ceramic restorations.
Veneers, additional veneers and no-prep veneers in case of bleached teeth.
Not only color: connection between color, shape, texture and tissues for an ideal esthetic composition.
Management of severe discolored abutments in case of prosthetic rehabilitation in the esthetic field.
Ingot ceramic choice in case of severe discoloration not treatable with dental bleaching.
Collateral effects and common problems using dental bleaching: gum burns, hypersensitivity, recurrences, root resorptions, refractoriness.
Treatment of common problems and clinical mistakes.
Duration and manteinance.

Course Objective

The participants will realize on stone models the home-bleaching trays, according to the new Mo.Bi. technique explained during the theoretical session.
This technique has been published by the lecturer in articles and books published in these years.